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The Deciders Coming Out Party

President George Bush today held a press conference to officially “come out” as a dyed in the wool sociopath. Addressing the reporters present he declared himself “Loud, Proud, and totally committed to fucking over the entire world”. “I’m on a mission to alienate, piss off, destabilize and kill as many motherfuckers as possible with my remaining time in office”.  I’m tired of pretending to be something that I’m not, and I’m tired of hiding behind this whole compassionate conservatism thingy Bush said. He then gave a smirking thumbs up to those in the room, a move obviously mocking his predecessor Clinton’s famous crowd pleasing gesture.

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Making Dreams Come True

I posted a version of this dairy over at BigOrange a week or so ago.
and though it got enough notice to make the rescue list that night, this story about a boy named James, deserves another look.

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