NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2023: First Four Play Ins – Round 1

Our partner and Chief Editor ek hornbeck is no longer with us to work his HTML magic for posts to keep up with all the games, men’s and women’s. It is now left to me and I hate HTML, plus I still have a full slate with my job. I am currently in Southeast Turkey. The Men’s and Women’s Brackets are out. The Women’s games begin Wednesday.

Today are the Play Ins. We are back to a two day schedule for the play ins. The first Round of 68 begins Thursday at 12 PM ET and Friday’s second round also starts at noon on CBS TRU, TBS and TNT. I still haven’t figured out how to deal with al those games. At the end of the day I will post the results as my time allows. ek hornbeck was a genius at this and fortunately, he left me an HTML road map. Enjoy some March Madness!

Time Network Seed School Score Record Seed School Score Record Region
6:40 TRU 16 Texas A&M-CC * 75 23 – 10 16 South East Missouri State 71 19  -16 South
9:10 TRU 11 Pittsburgh* 60 22 – 11 11 Mississippi 59 21 – 12 Midwest

* indicates the winner

TMC for ek hornbeck