Throwball Playoffs NFC Championship: Buccaneers @ Packers

Once again the Green Bay Packer’s, ek hornbeck’s favorite team, are in the NFC Championship game. This time they face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their home turf, Lambeau Field where the weather won’t be a balmy 75. The current forecast calls for a temperature of 29 degrees at kickoff (3:05 p.m. ET), with 2-4 inches of snow overnight that’s expected to clear up prior to the start of the game. Just a little chilly.

The Packers are 13 – 3 for the season and handily beat the LA Rams 32 – 18 for the spot in the division championship. Packers’s QB Aaron Rogers will face off with the Buccaneers’ Tom Brady. The Buc’s are 11 – 5 for the season and beat the New Orleans Saints 30 – 20 for their spot. It will be just the fourth time they’ve squared off as starting quarterbacks, and first in the playoffs.

The Bucs trounced the Packers 38-10 in Tampa on Oct. 18. They met two other times during Brady’s tenure in New England, with the Packers winning 26-21 at Green Bay in 2014 and the Patriots winning 31-17 in Foxborough four years later. [..]

Brady is trying to join Warner, Peyton Manning and Craig Morton as the only quarterbacks to lead two separate franchises to a Super Bowl. He already won six Super Bowls and played in nine total with the Patriots.

Green Bay is making its fourth NFC championship game appearance in the past seven seasons, but Rodgers hasn’t reached a Super Bowl since leading the Packers to a title in the 2010 season. Warner said the postseason weighs heavily on where players stack up in history. [..]

Simply put, Rodgers needs this victory more than Brady.

The Super Bowl is being played in Tampa Bay and the Buc’s are seeking to become the first team in league history to advance to a Super Bowl that will be played in its home stadium.

I’m ek. Go, Packers.

Ed note: we are having issues with comments so the play by play will be below the fold.

In the First quarter, Greenbay kicked off the the Bucs. After 9 plays the Bucs scored.

Bucs -7 Packers 0

Start of 2nd quarter.

Packers’ ball. After 5 plays. Rogers is sacked. 4th down

Bucs’ ball. After 10 plays Brady is sacked. 4th down.

Packers’ ball. After 6 plays, Packers’ Touch Down

Packers 7 – Bucs 7

Bucs ball on their own 28. After 3 plays, Bucs’ Touchdown

Packers 7 – Bucs 14

Packers ball on their own 13 after kick off. Challenged by Packers. It should have been a touchback at the 25. Challenge is won. Packers ball at their own 25.

Packers’ first down on own 41

Packers first down in Bucs territory Bucs 47

Packers 1 & 10 on TB 21.

Packers 1 & Goal on TB6

Packers 4th & Goal. FG by Packers is Good.

Packers 10 – Bucs 14.

Bucs’ ball on own 25 after kick off.

4th down for Bucs. Punt to Packers 13

2 minute warning for 2nd quarter

Packers 1st & 10 on own 40.

Brady sacked. 2nd down

Brady sacked. 2nd down on own 33.

Ball intercepted by Bucs

Bucs ball on own 49

Bucs 4th down at own 45. Goes for conversion. 1st & 10. May go for FG.

Touchdown Bucs.

Packers 10 – Bucs 21


Packers Ball at start of 3rd quarter. 1 & 10 on own 25

On 3rd & 5 Bucs intercept. 1st & Goal for Bucs. The Packers defense can’ get past the Bucs’ offense

Touchdown Bucs. Packer 10 – Bucs 28

Packers ball on own 25 after kickoff

Packers 1 & 10 on own 38

Anther 1st down on TB 24

1st down inside the TB 10. 1st & goal

Touch down Packers

Packers 17 – Bucs 28

Now the Packers offense has to stop the Bucs from scoring

Bucs ball on own 18 after kick off

Bucs 1st & 10 on own 38

Bucs 2nd & 10 on incomplete. Man down on the field

Packers intercept the ball for the first time. Packers’ ball on own 37 1st & 10

5yd penalty on Bucs. Packers 1 & 5

packers 1 & 10 on Bucs 44

Packers 1st down on Bucs 32.

Packers 1 down on Bucs 13

Flag on play Personal foul on Bucs. 1st down inside Bucs 3

Packers TOUCHDOWN!!!

2 pt conversion incomplete

Packers 23 – Bucs 28

After kick off, Bucs ball on own 45

End of 3rd quarter. 15 more minutes

Bucs 1st & 10 on Packers 37

Flag in too many men on the field Bucs – 5 yd penalty


Packers 1st & 10 on own 19

Damn. Rogers sacked for 4th down.

Bucs ball on own 36.

Another Packers INTERCEPT. Packers ball on own 24

Packers 4th & 10 after 4 plays.

Bucs ball on own 27

Bucs 1st down on own 38; 2nd & 2 on own 36 for a loss of 1

Bucs 1 st & 10 n Packer 30

Bucs 4th down. 46 yd FG. is Good,

Packers 23 – Bucs 31

Packers ball on own 34

Packers 1st & 10 on Bucs 28

Packers 1st & goal @ Bucs 8

Packers 4th down. FG is Good.

Packers 26 – Bucs 31. Five point game with 2 minutes left in game

Bucs ball on own 19.

Flag penalty on Packers. Under review..

12 men on field Packers. 5 yd penalty Bucs 1st & 5

Final Bucs 31 – Packers 26

The Buccaneers will go to Super Bowl LV at Tampa Bay on February 7. This will be first SB played by a team on their own field. It is Brady’s 10th SB.