Throwball Playoffs AFC Championship: Bills @ Chiefs

Hard to believe, but it’s true, there used to be a whole other Throwball League called the American Football League that got swallowed up by the NFL and that’s why we have two Conferences today. ek hornbeck 1.19.2020


Once again the 14 – 2 Kansas City Chiefs are in the AFC Championship game. This time they’ll play against the 13 -3 Buffalo Bills, the only New York team that actually plays in New York. I don’t know who ek hornbeck would be cheering, I doubt it would be the Chiefs, he hated them.

Ten years after firing Sean McDermott as his defensive coordinator, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid will stare across the field inside Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and see his protege trying to spoil his hopes of a Super Bowl repeat.

Funny thing: Even after firing him, Reid suspected deep down that McDermott was destined for big things. [..]

McDermott has the long-suffering Buffalo Bills playing in their first AFC championship game since beating Kansas City on Jan. 23, 1994, when they advanced to their fourth straight Super Bowl. They have won 11 of their past 12 games since losing to the Chiefs in Week 6, beating the Colts in the wild-card round and the Ravens in last week’s divisional round. [..]

Not surprisingly, the job McDermott has done with the Bills neatly parallels the job Reid has done in Kansas City.

Both took over downtrodden organizations and quickly built them into juggernauts. Both have bright young quarterbacks in the Bills’ Josh Allen and the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. Both have surrounded them with playmakers, such as the Bills’ Stefon Diggs and the Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. And both have built defenses to not only complement two of the best offenses in the NFL, but capable of clinching wins under pressure, as each did last weekend.

Mahomes, who sustained a concussion last week against Cleveland, has been cleared to play after practicing all week. [..]

Buffalo reached the wild-card round in 2017 and again last year before reaching the brink of a Super Bowl this season.

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That was an interesting rendition of the Star Spangles Banner

40 and cloudy in KC

Crowd is doing racist chant, figures

KC kicks off to Bills. 1st & 10 on own 25

Bills 1at & 10 on KC 40

Bills 4th down. Field Goal is Good

Bills 3 – KC 0

Bills stop the Chiefs drive.

Bills ball on own 15. 1st & 10

Bills QB sacked. 15 yd loss 3rd down.

Bills 4th down. Punt to Chiefs

Bills intecept punt, 1st 7 Goal

Bills Touchdown

Bills 9 – Chiefs 0

Bills kick off to Chiefs; 1st & 10 on own 20

Chiefs 1st & 10 at own 30

Chiefs 1st & 10 at own 41

Chiefs 1st & 10 at Bills 31

Chiefs ball on Buffalo 14 1st and 10

End of 1st quarter

Touchdown Chiefs.

Bills 9 – Chiefs 7

Bills ball on own 25

Bills 4th down. Punt to Chiefs 17. 1 & 10

Chiefs – 51 yd gain. 1st & 10 on Bills 28

Touchdown Chiefs

Bills 9 – Chiefs 14

Kickoff to Bills own 25 1st & 10

Bills 4th down. Punt to Chiefs 23

Chiefs 1st & 10 on own 49.

Chiefs 1st & 10 on Bills 18

Chiefs 1st & goal at Bills 1

Chiefs Touch down.

Bills 9 – Chiefs 21

Bills ball on own 25 after kick off

Bills 1st & 10 at own 39

Bills 1st & 10 at own 49

Bills 1st & 10 @ Chiefs 29

2 minute warning for end of half

Bills 1st & 10 @ Chiefs 19

Bills 1st & Goal @ Chiefs 8

Bills 6 yd loss for 3rd & Goal is under review

Ruled incomplete pass. Ball st 3 and a half line

Bills 4th & goal. FG attempt is good

Bills 12 – Chiefs 21

Bills kick off to Chiefs 31

Halftime Chiefs will receive at start of the 2nd half

Chiefs ball on own 25

Chiefs have a 31 yd drive that is under review

Chief player stepped out of bounds at Chiefs’ 41 yd. Chiefs 1st & 10 at own 41

Chiefs 1st down @ 48

Chiefs 4th down. FG attempt is Good

Bills 12 – Chiefs 24

Chiefs kickoff to Bills. Touchback @ Bills 25. 1st & 10

Bills 1st & 10 at own 36

Bills 1st down @ Chiefs 24

Bills automatic 1st down after holding penalty. 1st down at Chiefs 15

Bills 4th down and another FG. FG is Good.

Bills 15 – Chiefs 24

Bills kickoff to Chiefs. Touchback 1st & 10 @ Chiefs 25

Chiefs 1st down at Bills 4. 1st & goal

Chiefs Touchdown

Bills 15 – Chiefs 31

Chiefs kick off to Bills. Touchback 1st & 10 @ own 25

Bills 1st & 10 @ own 39

Bills 1st & 10 @ own 49

Bills QB sacked. 3rd down for loss of 10

End of 3rd quarter

Bills 1st & 10 @ Chiefs 38


Chiefs ball @ own 39

Chiefs 1st down @ Bills 44

Chiefs 1st & 10 @ Bills 29

Chiefs 1st & 10 @ Bills 17

Chiefs 1st & goal @ Bills 6

Chiefs Touchdown

Bills 15 – Chiefs 38

With 7 minutes left this game is a foregone conclusion

Final Chiefs 38 – Bills 24