Apostolic Succession

Who was the first Bishop of Rome?

It’s generally accepted that it was the Apostle Peter, you are the Rock on which I will build my Church Thrice Denying Peter.

You know, on what basis are you claiming to be a Christian if you don’t know the Grips and Words?

Anyway in the Western (Roman) Catholic Church they’re very particular about who can be a Bishop and it’s highly controlled by the Pope and his Allies. In the East you need a number of Bishops (three I think) to agree with you but ascension to a Bishopric is not centrally controlled and as a result there are a lot of Branches of Eastern Orthodoxy but only one Roman Catholic Church.

Bishops and Priests take a lot of pride in the fact that they are the spiritual descendants of Peter, and through him, Christ, and it’s a privilege they rigorously defended for over 1000 years. That kind of changed in 1534 when Henry VIII proclaimed in the Act of Supremacy that he was “”Supreme Head on earth of the Church of England”.

You know, Episcopalians.

Yeah, he just wanted to boink Anne Boleyn instead of Catherine of Aragon and was thwarted by Clement VII, but the motivations are not really what is important.

Henry had a bunch of English Bishops (all appointed under Apostolic Succession) and they were quite willing to appoint more English Bishops which, technically, they could do.

The Episcopalians are the only other Church outside of Roman Catholicism to claim direct Spiritual Succession from Jesus Christ himself through Peter.

So whose Bible is it Kellyanne?

‘That is not her Bible’: Kellyanne Conway attacks bishop who criticized Trump photo op
By David Edwards, Raw Story
June 2, 2020

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday lashed out at Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington over criticism of President Donald Trump’s photo op at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Buddle had issued a statement condemning the president’s actions after active duty military cleared the streets of protesters so that he could have his picture taken in front of the church.

“He took the symbols sacred to our tradition and stood in front of a house of prayer in full expectation that would be a celebratory moment,” she said.

During an appearance on Fox News, host Harris Faulkner noted that Budde had been outraged at the way the church and the Bible were used as props by Trump.

Conway, however, attempted to divert the conversation to actions Trump has taken on behalf of the faith community. She noted that Trump had “prayed for the soul” of George Floyd, who died at the hands of police.

“That is the best answer to the question you asked about the Episcopal minister,” she continued. “That is not — quote — her church. That is not — quote — her Bible. We don’t look into other people’s hearts and souls and discern and judge what their faith is, why the president felt compelled to walk there, why he held that Bible up.”

“That is a symbol to everyone that we will not allow arsonists and anarchists who set that fire ablaze, who really demean the memory of those who have lost their lives in the name of their respective faiths and religions,” Conway said. “We won’t allow them to dissuade us from practicing our religion.”

Umm… what Religion is that Kellyanne? Mammon Worship?

I’ll point out the commonly used King James version is entirely the product of the Episcopal Church.

And that Church? The Deed says “Episcopal Church of the United States” and has for over 100 years.

Who owns that Church?