Pre-Historic Britain

Sometimes I like to feature Documentaries that have less than obvious connections to current History and Politics.

In some ways we know a great deal, pretty Professional Amateur Archeology has become one of those “eccentric” hobbies the English have embraced (like Bird Watching) and on weekends people wandering around with metal detectors is a fairly common sight.

In other ways we know hardly anything at all because by definition everything happens before written records. Another thing is, they call it the Stone Age but the vast majority of the tools they used and their dwellings were constructed of perishable materials like wood, cloth, and bone. Not much left after 10,000 years or so.

What you learn through the study of History is that while circumstances change, Human Beings never do. They were just as smart and ingenious as we are today, and just as rife with selfish, evil, and bad motivations. Don’t get me wrong, good ones too, but the point is that the same misguided youth Socrates was complaining about are exactly the same ones we have today. When you examine History you should consider that.