Not a Rant

They’re running the Turn Left Bumper Car Flaming Chunks of Twisted Metal 600 today and good luck with that. No Infield, no spectators, social distancing in the Pit (they already wear masks and gloves for safety).

Up until last week or so they’d been running Video Game Races and they suspended one guy for real because he broke the Fourth Wall and started ramming people for fun (have I ever told you about Carmageddon?).

Anyway it’s not very satisfactory but nothing is unless you’re a fan of Borussia Dortmund but it put me in mind that this weekend is also Lime Rock (postponed until at least September) and Monte Carlo, a race I particularly hate because although it’s very important to the tradition of Formula One it is an archetypical display of excessive wealth and boring because unless people break down or drive into a wall nothing ever happens.

I’m disappointed Formula One has followed Turn Left Bumper Cars into espace but then, there is a market for Fortnight League Tournaments so what do I know?