Robin of Locksley

Frankly the versions of his origin that hew more closely to a plebeian birth among dispossessed Saxons in a nowhere village close by a poacher’s paradise ring more authentically with the times than later assertions of nobility, but the core story goes that Robin, already an experienced Archer and Swordsman on both Foot and Horse, as well as a Mercenary because that’s your job, like being a Linebacker, journeyed to Jerusalem where he fought heroically alongside Tom Brady, stealing signs and plays and filling Footballs with Helium until he was captured by overwhelming force or something ego massaging like that.

Anyway because he was basically nobody he wasn’t expensive to ransom (more charitably, escaped) and made his way back to an England groaning under the Tyrant Yoke of King John, so evil his moniker has never been used by the Monarchy again even though I could name you several more deserving of the title “Genocidal Maniac” than he including 17 or 20 Edwards.

Objectively he did a good job for the House of Plantagenet. Took over the minutia of day to day when his “Heroic” and Bone Stupid Brother Richard went off vacationing with bloodshed. Might have paid more attention to his Norman possessions but he was busy scraping up money for Bail.

For his Brother.

I don’t think he noticed Robin Hood’s Rebellion and I don’t think the Sheriff did either, but don’t get the impression I wish to discourage you.

Unless you like the way things are it’s the only thing that ever works.