No Sports?

Welcome to the World Handball Championship between Norway and Denmark. It’s the 2019 Match from about 11 months ago but I expect we’ll be getting way older and more obscure.

In the United States most people think of “Handball” as a Jai Lai like game between two players bouncing a Ball off a Wall trying to make the opponent miss, as in Tennis, and using your hand like a Racquet to Strike/Throw the Ball. Everyplace else “Handball” is like Football only you play it with, you know, your hands.

And by Football I mean “Soccer” because we’re exceptionally contrarian idiots.

It reminds me most of Water Polo but I spent thousands of hours watching the Team practice. My Sister would visit me at work, supposedly to drop off lunch from the Sandwich Shop she worked at but mostly to oogle their butts. They wear like 3 Speedos you know, in case they get ripped off in the Scrum.