An ek hornbeck Production.

I have expressed before my preferences for regularity and order and my expectation my audience shares that, thus my disappointment at not actually being as punctual as I would desire. My Therapist thinks it a manifestation of my obsessive compulsive desire for control over my environment.

I have issues. This, what I’m doing in public right now, qualifies under most Court Rulings as “journaling”. It’s a sign of socialization and means you can expect I won’t behave like Dean Winters. Mostly. I don’t ‘technically’ have to check in with my PO anymore but there are people who still remember Billy, Micky, the Armadillo, and I and you haven’t even heard the good parts because the Statute of Limitations hasn’t expired yet.

Oh, don’t hoard Toilet Paper. Are you going to be adding fiber to your diet? This is not a Hurricane.

No, it’s not Duckberg either. Toilet Paper is good for about anything you need paper for except writing on and it can also wipe your ass. Paper Towels are about the same only they’re kind of scratchy.