Post Impeachment Criming

Now I’m not saying there are many new crimes (with the definite exclusion of the ongoing Obstruction which has continued) in this summary, but we do have new information about them and the important point is this-

These are new facts and documents, corroborating in every detail the testimony of the witnesses before the House Intelligence Committee AND they have all been revealed since the Articles of Impeachment were approved by the House.

The original piece from The Bulwark is here- The New Evidence Against Trump Since He Was Impeached by Kim Wehle, January 21, 2020. It’s a bit long for this page but full of linky goodness and pretty much a must read.

So much criming, so little time.

Raw Story has a summary of the summary which, while not comprehensive, is a good deal shorter by Travis Gettys.

Here’s all the new evidence discovered about Trump’s Ukraine corruption — since he was impeached
By Travis Gettys, Raw Story
January 21, 2020

New evidence emerged over the holidays, when the public is distracted, showing Trump’s knowledge of the Ukraine quid pro quo and awareness of the scheme’s illegality.

Two days after the articles of impeachment passed, 300 pages of new emails were made public showing White House officials directed the Department of Defense to block military aid to Ukraine, and made clear the order came from the president.

Those documents also showed worried White House officials then worked to cook up a justification for the pause, after the whistleblower complaint came out, because they feared Trump’s order would violate the Impoundment Control Act.

Documents released by an indicted associate of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani shows the president was directly involved in his personal attorney’s efforts to conduct foreign policy on his behalf in Ukraine in violation of longstanding foreign policy against the country.

Giuliani, working for Trump, then worked to oust Ukrainian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who was maybe placed under surveillance by his associate Lev Parnas and Robert Hyde, a Republican congressional candidate.

Parnas appeared last week on MSNBC and CNN, and he told broadcasters the Ukraine scheme involved Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General William Barr and Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee.

That matches testimony by EU ambassador Gordon Sondland, who told the impeachment inquiry that “everybody was in the loop,” and notes from Trump’s July 25 call to Ukraine president also mentioned Barr was involved.

Foreign efforts to interfere with the U.S. election were shown Jan. 13 to remain ongoing, after a cybersecurity company reported that Russia’s government hacked Ukrainian oil company Burisma Holdings — which is at the center of the Trump scheme.

I dunno. Think we need some witnesses? Moscow Mitch McConnell doesn’t and his draft rules forbid inclusion of the Testimony and Documents from the House proceedings.

So basically they prevent the House Managers from presenting any evidence at all.

When you grow up you develop “Object Permanence”. This is the knowledge that just because you’re not looking at something doesn’t mean it went away, the whole point of the Peek-A-Boo Game.

I’m past playing Peek-A-Boo except with the extremely gullible (which isn’t in the Dictionary, you could look it up) and babies. Moscow Mitch evidently needs a refresher. Just because you suppress the facts doesn’t mean they won’t come out and then you’ll be exposed as the Conspirator and Traitor you are.

That applies equally to every Republican Senator.