Happy New Beard!

On Cody Johnson I mean.

You know, just yesterday I was at my Therapist’s and she remarked that I seemed to be weathering the SAD Season. We meet more frequently during this time and I have fewer life events to report on because outside the Holidays what happens? Coincidently February is fraught and March is madness.

So this session we talked about death because she doesn’t have a couch thus Oedipal conflicts are out of the question (First, it’s a Shrink Joke and a pretty funny and insightful one about the differences between Behavioral, which she practices, and Freudian which I’m familiar with because Clio. Second, she knows a lot about me because that $200 for 45 minutes is all about me. I’ve been seeing her for 6 or 7 years and as far as I’m concerned it’s a Therapeutic and Professional relationship, not like Lucifer at all except I am also evil to the core, and I couldn’t even tell you if she owns a pet. I could find out if I was interested of course and I think I’d select the Poirot talking technique instead of the Holmes observational, all I know about her is she doesn’t watch movies or TV since I have to explain all my references and she’s a Packers fan like me and keeps a sticker on her desk.).

Of course one gets reflective, another topic of discussion, because you have to write new dates on your checks and also because 2020.