Glass Half Full

It’s extremely important to remember that Nellie Forbush was a selfish racist bigot who ruined not only her own life, but the lives of those around her.

I love Musical Theater. It’s so uplifting.

Ok, we got two concessions and I don’t want to minimize the importance of either of them.

Without allowing the House Record to stand all that witness testimony you had yesterday, and will have in the coming days, would have been out of order. Were I Parliamentarian I would certainly have ruled that way.

Adding the extra day makes presenting the case much easier. I would divide it into 3 Parts, Article One, Article Two, and a Summation. Reserve a few hours for Rebuttal if possible.

But it’s weak beer to be sure. I don’t think Republicans have even 8 hours in them so, another day.

The other thin reed of hope to cling to (Sue Collins is senile and just made a mistake) is that Republican Motivations and Mechinations are transparently exposed. If further revelations are forthcoming (as seems likely) they should be embarrassed, alas they have shown themselves devoid of shame.

I’d be curious to know how Approval Ratings are trending because that will be 2020.