Temporarily at North Lake to take the pulse (WMUR surprisingly empty of ads Sunday 11 pm, full tilt otherwise. Add Klobuchar and Sestak to Steyer and Gabbard in terms of spenders, the front runners are all personal appearances) where I had a big blow and power problems Friday. Took the weekend to tune the configuration but everything seems to be working now.

Unfortunately I also have a full agenda on what could be the only good weather this week so as Atrios says things will probably still suck, but I didn’t fall off the face of the earth either.

I think of the Mika and Joe show as both farce and tragedy. Scarborough is abusive ON THE AIR. The defense of Conservatism and the status quo that led us to what they now consider the death of the Republican Party and the Republic itself is darkly ironic in the classical sense (the audience perceives fatal character flaws that the protagonist does not which lead to their inevitable doom).

So they’re not hah hah funny but it’s a good enough summary of what’s happened since Friday.