2019 Senior League Division Championship Game 3: Dodgers at Nats

No two ways about it, the Dodgers underperformed Friday night against the Nats.

You see the thing about Homefield Advantage is that unless you win at Home, you lose it. This is particularly acute in a short series, in a longer one you can mask it with unexpected Road victories (Nats have a marginally better home record). The Nats rose up and stole that advantage. Now I have sources in Washington and they tell me that the Nats intend to pitch Scherzer and Strasburg until they drop with S├ínchez floating in the mix to disguise the fact that they don’t have any others, or indeed a Bullpen.

Well, that may see you through 5 games or even a long series, but two in a row? I don’t think so. The Nats have had to advance through an extra game just to get here too, pitchers, even the best, get tired.

  • Top 1– Double. Walk. HBP. RBI Single. Nats 1 – 0.
  • Top 2– HBP. Sacrifice. RBI Single. RBI Double. Nats 3 – 0.
  • Bottom 6– Single. Double. RBI Sacrifice. Nats 3 – 1.
  • Bottom 7– Solo Shot. Nats 3 – 2.
  • Top 8– Double. Walk. Sacrifice. RBI Single. Nats 4 – 2 Final. Series Tied.

Max Scherzer (R, 11 – 7, 2.92 ERA) who pitched 5 in the Wild Card and 1 in Game 1 will take the mound for the Nats. In his 7 Playoff years (including this one) he has appeared in 18 games with a record of 4 – 5. Over 88 Innings pitched he has allowed 40 Runs and 10 Home Runs with 34 Walks and 109 Ks for an ERA of 3.78. He throws Heat, but not as many as some, with Sliders and Changeups as his off pitches.

The Dodgers send Hyun-Jin Ryu (L, 14 – 5, 2.32 ERA). He’s had 3 years in the Post Season and appeared in 7 games with a record of 2 – 2. Over 35 Innings he has allowed 16 Runs and 6 Home Runs with 6 Walks and 29 Ks for an ERA of 4.11. He throws 60% Junk, Changeups and Cutters are favorites with Curves half as often.