2019 Senior League Division Championship Game 2: Cards at Braves

I don’t hate the Cards nearly as much as I do the Braves because they play in the same division as my Metropolitans, but across large swathes of the Country they are hated just as passionately as the Yankees. Maybe because they have the second best World Series record in Baseball (ahem).

Normally I’d find my Phineas and Ferb video to post but as I mentioned just cranking them out today.

How did we get here?

The Cards pulled out a squeaker in Game 1.

  • Bottom 1– Walk. Caught Stealing. Walk. Single moves Runner to 3rd. Error, Run Scores. Braves 1 – 0.
  • Top 5– Single. Sacrifice. Steal. RBI Sacrifice. Tied.
  • Bottom 6– HBP. Double. Walk. RBI Single. Error, Run Scores. Braves 3 – 1.
  • Top 8– Solo Shot. Single. Single. RBI Single. Tied.
  • Top 9– Single. Single. Walk. 2 RBI Double. Walk. 2 RBI Double. Cards 7 – 3.
  • Bottom 9– Walk. 2 RBI Home Run. Solo Shot. Cards 7 – 6 Final. Cards lead Series 1 – 0.

Good. Told you I hate the Braves more than the Cards.

The Braves will try to rebound behind Mike Foltynewicz (R, 8 – 6, 4.54 ERA). He’s pitched in 2 Post Season games last year, losing 1, for a total of 6 Innings. He allowed 5 Runs and 2 Home Runs with 7 Walks as opposed to 10 Ks for an ERA of 7.50. He throws Fastballs and Sliders mostly with some Curves and Changeups.

Cards will start Jack Flaherty (R, 11 – 8, 2.75 ERA) who’s a complete Post Season Rookie. He throws Fastballs and Sliders too with his preferred off pitch being the Curve.