2019 Junior League Division Championship Game 1: Rays at Astros

Maybe I’ll have something peppier to say later but at the moment I’m just cranking through the bare outlines.

The Rays are actually a team I have no particular grudge against. This no doubt disappoints them as they are reputed to have fierce rivalries with the BoSox and the Yanks. Couldn’t prove it by me. Never heard of them.

The ‘Stros make me think of the funny talking dog on The Jetsons (Interesting theory- The Filnstones is actually set in a post apocalyptic Jetson’s Universe), and yes, I’m pre-Scooby Doo. I hate them anyway because Texas and also Zach Grienke whos acquisition at the trading deadline made all the Pundits say- “Best Team in the Majors”, “Unbeatable”.

So the Yankees started a 13 game win streak while the ‘Stros struggled at 6 – 7.

How did we get here?

Rays crushed the As 5 – 1.

  • Top 1– Solo Shot. Rays 1 – 0.
  • Top 2– Single. 2 RBI HR. Rays 3 – 0.
  • Top 3– Solo Shot. Rays 4 – 0.
  • Bottom 3– 3rd on an Error. Sacrifice. Rays 4 – 1.
  • Top 5– Solo Shot. Rays 5 – 1 Final.

In today’s game the ‘Stros will be sending out Justin Verlander (R, 21-6, 2.58 ERA). In 25 Career Post Season appearances over 7 years he has a record of 13 – 7 with 152.1 Innings Pitched. He’s allowed 54 Runs with 18 Homers. He’s had 167 Ks and allowed only 46 Walks. He throws 50% Heat which he mixes with Sliders and Curves.

The Rays will counter with Tyler Glasnow (R, 6-1, 1.78 ERA). Of course he’s never even had a ticket to a Playoff game. He throws 70% Heat which he mixes with Curves.