The Kessler Report

Just a little update on why we call him Bottomless. In this sense it means “unplumbed” or “beyond measure” and not “buff”. There’s actually quite a bit of Bottom in him in the sense of Ass or Fool, Bilge or Dregs.

President Trump has made 10,796 false or misleading claims over 869 days
By Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo, and Meg Kelly, Washington Post
June 10, 2019

The president crossed the 10,000 threshold on April 26 and he has been averaging about 16 fishy claims a day since then. From the start of his presidency, he has averaged about 12 such claims a day.

About one-fifth of these claims are about immigration, his signature issue — a percentage that has grown since the government shut down over funding for his promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. In fact, his most repeated claim — 172 times — is that his border wall is being built. Congress balked at funding the concrete barrier he envisioned, so he has tried to pitch bollard fencing and repairs of existing barriers as “a wall.”

False or misleading claims about trade and the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign each account more about 10 percent of the total.

Trump’s penchant for repeating false claims is demonstrated by the fact that The Fact Checker database has recorded more than 300 instances in which he has repeated a variation of the same claim at least three times. He also now has earned 21 “Bottomless Pinocchios,” claims that have earned Three or Four Pinocchios and which have been repeated at least 20 times.