Pathos is a communication technique used most often in rhetoric (in which it is considered one of the three modes of persuasion, alongside ethos and logos), as well as in literature, film, and other narrative art.

Emotional appeal can be accomplished in many ways, such as the following:

  • by a metaphor or storytelling, commonly known as a hook;
  • by passion in the delivery of the speech or writing, as determined by the audience; and
  • by personal anecdote.

In other words pity me for I am pitiful. Also you must seek to understand me and grant acceptance and respect for my views that you are heretics and heathens destined to perish in eternal separation from your moral superiors.

You know, the ones who want to feel you up twice so you can get an abortion because once is not enough.

Your sympathy is misplaced. These people are deplorable.