Brexit Extension

The Brexit situation is very confusing and one reason I don’t burden you with the daily details is that it is still quite fluid.

In recent developments there have been a series of non-binding votes on competing Brexit Plans, the most successful of which proposed a Customs Union/Single Market solution. True Brexiteers are appalled because it also (must actually because the EU says so) includes the continued Free Movement of people within the CU/SM and that won’t do at all because it’s always been about keeping out the bloody Wogs (Racism) anyway. All the crap about making Britain able to craft great new Trade Deals that allow for the importation of Chlorinated Chicken (dipped in Bleach to sanitize them and perfectly acceptable in the U.S. because we eat any kind of Mega Agribusiness garbage) is mere gaslighting to disguise the Bigotry. There is no argument among Economists that Brexit will cause a substantial decline in their Economy any more than there is argument among legitimate Scientists (as opposed to Wacky Crackpot Mad ones) about Global Warming.

What they did manage to pass was what we in the States would call a Motion to Proceed to debate a proposal delaying Brexit for a period of time, at least a year and perhaps 2. If adopted it’s likely the EU would accept it since their only quibble with a more short term delay is the necessity to hold Elections for the European Parliament which are scheduled this Summer. Britain would be forced to elect Representatives.

Now Brexiteers view this as unreasonable because they have no patience for postponement and they realize that their political support is melting away like ice cream on a hot sidewalk. They’d just as soon have a Crash Out April 12th (just 9 days folks!) and May has been angling for a short extension to May (the Month) 22nd avoiding the dreaded prospect of holding MEP Elections.

The EU has made it clear that she’s not going to get that.

She’s also opened negotiations with Jeremy Corbyn which has many Tories acting as if she is participating in some Satan summoning ritual involving carnal activity with goats and the blood of Christian babies. The Labour position, which Corbyn has reluctantly accepted because he’s a Left Euroskeptic, is the CU/SM with a Second Referendum which is, actually, entirely reasonable.

Of course what Corbyn is angling for is a General Election where he thinks Labour will beat the Tories like a rug, and he’s probably right. That’s why the Tories fear it so much, it will be a bloodbath for them and it’s the only stick May has left to keep her job.

I can’t imagine she’ll keep it much longer anyway. She’s clearly lost control of about half her Party and has already offered her resignation if Parliament passed her Brexit Scheme which is dead Jim, dead.

The clock keeps going tick tock (9 Days!) and true Brexiteers are desperately trying to tie up Parliament so that a No Deal Brexit (their preferred solution) sorta kinda happens by default.

It just might work.