To Have And Have Not

Look, I only say Casablanca is better to be polite. Pretty close and I like the underdog.

Hmm… SNL-

Slim is not anywhere near that desperate. She came out of no place and can vanish right back. She doesn’t need nothin’ from Harry, he’s just another Mark who happens to be in denial that he’s an addlebrained romantic (which happens to be her type, go figure).

Anyway, kind of ruined my enjoyment.

Cold Ben Stiller

Feinstein Cut For Time

Jokes About Toilets

More Jokes About Toilets

Pete Davidson Is Still Alive Despite Being HARD Dumped by Ariana Grande Who Licks Donuts And Sticks Them Back For People To Buy Because It’s Funny

Hah hah, Ick. And I apologize in advance to those who suffer depression as I do and may be triggered by this grim joke.

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