Missing The Point

You know, I sort of resent being lumped by Millennials into this category of “Boomers” because I’m way, way older than that. Held Orville’s coat at Kitty Hawk I did. I would sort this slight in the bucket of all Blacks and Asians and Lesbians (and especially Black Asian Lesbians) look alike and must therefore know each other (I do keep up with who shows at the Struldbrug conventions) but I’m Ben Franklin white, white, white therefore it’s obviously reverse racism directed personally at me so I’m duly outraged and it’s time for my sponge bath and afternoon medication anyway.

Was I saying something? Why are you mumbling? Oh yeah, damn kids on my lawn. Also Some News.

Mmm… I could go for some flapjacks. And Dinosaurs being gay is why they’re extinct, even the one Jesus rode on. Do the math, it’s Adam and Eve (well, Lilith but she was a slut and a witch and probably gay herself, wouldn’t put out for me) not Adam and Steve.

I have more things to be angry and wrong about in my dotage which is why I’m happy to be able to infest the next wide eyed, innocent, and credulous generation with the hate filled lies I almost believe because I’ve been telling them so long.

And Marley is dead dudes. You can take that to the ‘Change, my word is good on it.