Bee Role

In film and television production, B-roll, B roll, B-reel or B reel is supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot.

Sam Bee: Fashion Consultant

No Debate? Good!

My accent isn’t a party trick

American Standard here. I sound like a newscaster from Ohio except when I’m exposed long enough to my liguistic roots. Pop/Soda/Coke, Davenport/Sofa/Couch. After a fair number of years I can do a passable New Hampshire or Maine (they’re entirely different, New Hampshire people talk that way to deliberately piss you off, Mainers just don’t give a damn what you think) and it’s alarming how quickly I can slip into Dixie (it’s more than knowing the difference between y’all and all y’all, it’s also knowing how to swear, bless your heart which translates to “person with an Oedipal conflict”) despite never having done anything except visit, though sometimes for months.

There are some people who claim there is a Connecticut accent, though what they mostly mean is that we talk like we drive, fast and rude.