About Damn Time

Up Date 19:30 3/6: Via Raw Story:

After the recent reports that Fox News has openly become an extension of President Donald Trump‘s White House, the Democratic National Committee announced it would not partner with the network for any primary debates.

Trump responded to the news by saying that he might refuse to go to a debate for a network if he doesn’t like it.

Trump might think that he’s being clever, but not showing up to official debates might make him appear as if he’s afraid of his challenger or doesn’t think he could win the debate.


The Democratic National Committee has decided to bar Fox News from participating in the 2019 – 2020 debate cycle based on Jane Mayers article in The New Yorker, titles “The Making of the Fox News White House.”

In a statement, Perez said, “I believe that a key pathway to victory is to continue to expand our electorate and reach all voters. That is why I have made it a priority to talk to a broad array of potential media partners, including Fox News. Recent reporting in the New Yorker on the inappropriate relationship between President Trump, his administration and Fox News has led me to conclude that the network is not in a position to host a fair and neutral debate for our candidates. Therefore, Fox News will not serve as a media partner for the 2020 Democratic primary debates.”

Tom Perez hit on a very important point. Fox News is a small niche that does not represent America. The roughly 2-3 million who watch Fox News each day represent less than 1% of the United States population. Fox has been given an outsized influence through their masterful complaining about “mainstream media bias.” [..]

When Perez talked about reaching all voters what he likely meant by that is that the debates will try to reach the biggest audience possible, which means that you should expect to debates on network TV and perhaps even with large digital and online partners.

Yes, it’s about damn time and I agree with John Cole at Balloon Juice that other media organizations should be included in the ban.

The attitude of Democrats to Fox News, the NY Post, the Washington Examiner, the National Review, the Daily Caller, you name it, should be to completely starve them of oxygen. They get nothing. Nada. There is literally no point in engaging them, just like there is ZERO point in trying to tailor policies or massage messaging to the rotten 30% of the voting age public who supports Trump

The members of the cult of Trump are not persuadable and Democrats just need to stop wasting energy, time and money trying.