DNA Discounts

AeroMexico is offering DNA Discounts on tickets to Mexico which is a fascinating and beautiful place I would gladly visit if it weren’t so damn hot most of the year (which is not to say I’m looking forward to the 16 Degree Cold Snap predicted for Monday in Stars Hollow). As an acolyte of Clio I’m far more likely to be seen tromping around pre-Columbian cities than hanging out at the beach using a lime wedge to keep the flies out of my Corona (Point one, that’s what it’s for, it was never intended to be mixed with the beer. Point two, no real Mexican drinks Corona anyway, it’s swill.).

The acolyte side of me insists though that I make this point-


That’s right, they’re just as White as anyone (Well, not me, I’m Ben Franklin White), descendants of the Goths, a Germanic tribe, and the Celts, you know- Irish!

So you ignorant Bigoted Racist Morons- GET OVER IT!

My big problem with this offer is that you’re sacrificing your DNA Privacy to at least 2 faceless and heartless MegaCorps, AeroMexico and the DNA testing firm. Why would you do that for a discount?

Also I hate to fly, not because of my Acrophobia which is all too real, but because it’s terribly inconvenient and demeaning.

Still, it is a tempting and funny ad and well worth the 2 minutes it will take to watch it.