Manafort And Cohen

Grr… The enablers are out in full force this morning. You can’t indict a sitting President. Unproven! It all hinges on intent, maybe he was just too dumb. No it doesn’t!

And this is on MSNBC.

Donald John Trump is guilty, guilty, guilty of Campaign Finance Fraud and Conspiracy to commit the same.

By Paul Waldman at WaPo

Prosecutors explicitly state that Cohen coordinated with President Trump on hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal over his alleged affairs with them: “as Cohen himself has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1.” That’s Donald Trump.

We knew this already — and we knew that Trump lied about it, claiming not to know about the payments — but this says that prosecutors believe that Trump ordered Cohen to commit a crime.

Max Bergmann and Sam Berger at Daily Beast

Mueller may still be only showing us part of his hand, but it’s a damn good hand. He has signalled to us he’s found collusion. He has shown us that the president is compromised. He has told us that he has gathered information important to his investigation about contacts with people in the Trump Organization, the campaign, the transition, and even the White House. That’s everyone Trump has been connected with since he started running. And given all the redacted information in his filings and all that he’s been told by cooperating witnesses, we can be confident that Mueller will show us even more.

Mueller is coming. And he is clearly coming for Trump. Not simply for obstructing justice but for conspiring with a hostile foreign power to win an election. This is a scandal unlike any America has ever seen.

From now on it will be our policy never to refer to Trump without the words “Unindicted Co-Conspirator”.

        Unindicted Co-Conspirator The Donald.
        Unindicted Co-Conspirator Donald
        Unindicted Co-Conspirator Trump
        Unindicted Co-Conspirator Donald Trump
        Unindicted Co-Conspirator Donald J. Trump
        Unindicted Co-Conspirator Donald John Trump

        Unindicted Co-Conspirator Donny Boy Sr.

Last night’s Rachel Maddow is required watching. She really encapsulated the meaning of each of the 3 reports released yesterday and how they all fit together.

Not as required but still worth a schadenfreud chuckle, Lawrence O’Donnell.