Wrong on both counts

It was nice to see Stephen Colbert take it to Chris Wallace on Thursday night. Chris made 2 assertions about Asylum that were flat out false-

  1. That only about 10% of Asylum seekers who are released from detention return for their Court hearings.
  2. That only about 10% get legitimate Asylum.

The first statement was debunked on-air, in reality 60 – 70% of Asylum seekers attend their Court proceedings. I held off posting the video of this encounter because I wasn’t sure about his second assertion.

Well, I now have some numbers. According to U.S. News and World Report, 61.8% of Asylum requests were rejected in 2017 (sharply up by the way). What this means however is that 39.2% were accepted, not at all close to a mere 10%.

Anyway there are other things in the interveiw of interest that nobody is talking about and now that I have my answer I’m happy to share it with you.