November 2, 2018 archive

Barbara Streisand

“Don’t Lie to Me” from Walls–

Old Trouble For Trump

It’s easy to forget that Donald Trump was Impeachable the moment he took the Oath of Office (I mean outside of the fact that an Impeachable Offense is whatever Congress says it is) because of his straight up violation of the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. What most people don’t know is that to …

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Campaign Throwdown!!!

Trump v. Oprah You have to think of it as a kind of Rap Battle. Trump DJ Pence Oprah Mic Drop. Welcome to Hollywood. You’ve been served. I thought might enjoy the long format NBC Version rather than the shorter CBS version. Also there’s this other bit from NBC at a different camera angle. The …

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Kind of self-explanatory Seminal Goth Anthem. Didn’t Goth myself but I liked them and they liked me. We collaborated on several projects I thought very successful and wicked cool. I’ve solo DJed several Halloween Parties for my DJ bud (he needed to mingle and party promote, I was there for setup and dance grooves). Had …

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The Breakfast Club (Wildgoose Chase)

Welcome to The Breakfast Club! We’re a disorganized group of rebel lefties who hang out and chat if and when we’re not too hungover we’ve been bailed out we’re not too exhausted from last night’s (CENSORED) the caffeine kicks in. Join us every weekday morning at 9am (ET) and weekend morning at 10:30am (ET) to …

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