The Prosecution Rests Your Honor

You know, think I’m going to go to Law School. How hard can it be?

Supreme Court Fight Goes Prime Time With Kavanaugh’s Fox News Interview
By Michael M. Grynbaum, The New York Times
Sept. 24, 2018

The interview, recorded at a Washington hotel on Monday afternoon, was arranged by White House aides looking to salvage Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation, which has teetered in the wake of allegations of sexual impropriety that he has denied.

“I have never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not ever,” he said in Monday’s interview.

The platform of Fox News offered Judge Kavanaugh a prime opportunity to make his case directly to President Trump and his supporters. Not only is Mr. Trump an avid watcher, but his deputy chief of staff, Bill Shine, was formerly a co-president of the channel. The president even plugged the interview in a tweet shortly before it aired.

But even as Judge Kavanaugh emphatically denied the accusations against him, his appearance had more than a whiff of a reality-show confessional, starkly at odds with the prestige of the job he is seeking. The judge grew robotic at times under Ms. MacCallum’s scrutiny, reverting to talking points and reacting stiffly to her questions.

“I’ve always treated women with dignity and respect,” Judge Kavanaugh said, repeating the phrase four times in the course of about 20 minutes. He said he was seeking a “fair process” 17 times. When Ms. MacCallum asked if he believed it was fair to judge adults on the actions of their teenage selves, Judge Kavanaugh looked thrown.

On the other hand we have Michael Avenatti who rarely promises anything he can’t deliver.

So, who would you chose to represent you?