Look, you have to understand I think Bill Maher is a total asshole even though he’s an avowed atheist because he’s militant and an Islamophobe when frankly it’s no more phony than Mormonisn or Christianity (Buddhism? It’s not a religion it’s a moral philosophy and Siddhartha Gautama is a real guy just like Aristotle and Plato, nothing special. He gave up the wheel to die beneath a tree ABOUT 400 YEARS BEFORE CHRIST not that I’m counting mind you.).

Clio is your friend.

But I also have ties to Flint and Michael Moore was my Grandma’s paper boy long enough for her to hate him because he didn’t leave each day’s edition centered on her door mat, rotten kid.

Mike understands something which is that Democrats are nearly as deeply despised as Republicans because instead of defending working people they betray them constantly in the name of political expediency WITH NO RESULTS AT ALL!

Yeah, it would make a difference if it was working.

And so here we are, on the threshold of yet another “most important election in our lives.” “The other guys are more horrible than we are” is both amply demonstrated as a fact and a failed strategy. “You gonna ask me to die because our side doesn’t eat babies Sarge? I love this plan. I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s do it!”

I disagree about Obama. FDR was waaay better, even Truman. Kennedy, Johnson? Vietnam was an awful thing and they didn’t have to. Clinton is a charming liar and so was Obama but they’re both Republicans. Carter is much better as an ex (also Republican).

Are you a Democrat?

Interesting question. I’ve been a registered Democrat for over 100 years and I normally point to that when asked, but to tell you the truth I’m an Anarcho-Syndicalist which means I believe in Worker Control of the Means of Production (Capital) at the lowest possible level (Democracy!).

I hope this makes things clearer for you.