Fear of Flying

I don’t have any fear of flying.

What I hate about it is that it’s vastly inconvenient, like riding a bus with 20 times the wait for 20 times the money. Unless you absolutely need to be there that quick (counting wait time mind you) or the oceans are too vast there are always better and more interesting ways to travel.

What I do have is acrophobia, fear of heights. Tall structures, bridges, natural precipices? They cause anxiety of an acute and profound nature, however irrational it is.

Recently I visited the Lincoln Memorial (there’s an unostentatious elevator on the left side before the final flight of steps I found out on the way down) and let me tell you- it’s high. Kids were racing all over as I carefully concentrated on each step and at the top I had to sit and adjust a bit. I’m about 6 feet tall but it seemed longer than that when I stood.

On the other hand it doesn’t incapacitate me. I do incredibly stupid things all the time! Like drive over the Mackinaw Bridge or sneak into the lounge at the Skylon to avoid paying the cover charge for the observation deck. It never gets any better.

I ski, and let me tell you it’s a terrifying experience to be suspended on a swaying, bobbing, twisting park bench 5 stories up with no restraint, especially if you’re sharing the ride with some snot nosed asshole rug rat sporting a snowboard who thinks it’s a damn playground swing.

On the other hand, I ski. Learning to Lift is part of the skill.

You get over it some how. Doesn’t mean you like it. Those who point to a “fear of flying” as indicating some kind of duplicity on the part of Christine Blasey Ford don’t understand anything about it at all.