The Interview That’s Never Going To Happen?

I’m sorry. It’s just stupid that anyone in D.C. believes that. Robert Mueller has the power to compel Donald Trump to appear in front of any of his three, count ’em, three Grand Juries.

This is settled law having been decided in Jones v. Clinton by a unanimous ruling of the United States Supreme Court.

Allowing Clinton to testify by deposition was merely a courtesy.

Likewise if Donald Trump refuses the courtesy of Robert Mueller to testify by sworn deposition, his physical appearence in front of the Grand Jury may be compelled at which point he has 2 choices-

Answer the questions put to him truthfully OR

Plead the Fifth Amendment.

Answering untruthfully makes him guilty of perjury.

This is black letter Law!

Speculation that Mueller is going to let Trump skate testifying and is rushing his case on Obstruction so it can procede without Trump’s testimony demonstrates both a short memory and a limited understanding of the Law.

The only thing that could prevent it is not the Law, but political calculations that somehow Trump is so “popular” that it would cause backlash against Mueller (and maybe Democrats) that would prevent the administration of justice.

Folks, if we have gone that far already it’s time to polish up your passports and run, don’t walk, to the nearest border because the Constitutional Government of the United States of America doesn’t exist anymore.

I’m not advocating this. Chris Matthews & Co. are ignorant idiots.