Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you guys will all know about cryptocurrencies. We have talked about it before, we have invested in it, we use awara to get crypto price notifications and we hope we’ve helped inform you guys about it in the past. But there’s still a big issue for cryptocurrency and it’s that only 5% of crypto exchanges is done buying and selling things. The other 95% is all from trading and investing. So, how applicable is crypto in real life?

Fundamentally no more valuable than Tulips, Gold, Oil, or Bananas (say goodbye to the Cavendish you’re used to) it has a certain utility as a medium of exchange provided you can find a market that accepts it, which is why many cryptocurrencies are trying their hardest to be applicable to certain industries, for instance, these iota kurs is wanting to become the sole cryptocurrency of IoT connected devices in the future. I’ve heard that people gain more perspective on the biggest cryptocurrency bitcoin from websites similar to that might give some insight into how this IoT cryptocurrency will work.

Federal Reserve Notes (look in your wallet) are mandated by the United States Government with all the power of its military might, nuclear weapons, and domestic monopoly on violence to be “Legal Tender For All Debts Public And Private” though strict Modern Monetary Theorists will tell you that it’s only that “Public” part (i.e. Taxes) that give it real value. So what happens when these new cryptocurrencies start having this “public” part even when kept as a decentralized currency? The public could see a massive shift in currency norms for the future. Some keen investors and crypto analysts are already betting some of their wealth that crypto will provide them with profitable returns and become solidified as legal tender in the coming years. Especially with the likes of online crypto exchanges being so popular, there are even the likes of Zipmex Indonesia alternatives as an example, so beginners all around the world can get started in the world of cryptocurrencies.

John Oliver is a little off but he gets it mostly right and is much funnier than I am.

My two big beefs are the malware designed to take over your computer to “mine” cryptocurrency and the fact it’s now impossible to buy Video Cards for a reasonable amount of money (I need an upgrade).