Wait! The Olympics Are Over?

Sorry, too busy watching to write. Congratulations to Team USA Curling and Lady’s Hockey and a lifetime achievement award to Lindsey Vonn.

Of course you realize what this means- March Madness and Formula One (oh, and Baseball).

Hey! I thought Republicans liked Supply Side.

High School Shooting- The Musical

Coming to a Disney Channel near you. Also Descendants 3 (no, I’m not kidding).

Speaking of Stanislavski (Commie)

But porn? Porn is dangerous, apparently. That’s right, sites like teeni xxx should be banned because they’re too dangerous. That and video games. And movies. And my dog, Shithead. Ok, I don’t need my dog. Did I mention the new phone books are here and the oil cans are defective?

We have at least 40 Million more Guns than People in the United States and have since 2013

We’re like New Zealand only it’s fire arms and not sheep.

So you absolutely don’t need anything except black powder single shot muskets. Just do it like they did during the Revolution and load up one for each person you intend to kill. Maybe a couple of spares for contingencies.