The XXIII Winter Olympics: Day 7

The Bachelor Winter Games Anthem

Ok, that is exactly as bad as Coleman Bentley of Golf Digest says it is (The only thing worse than The Bachelor Winter Games’ anthem is…nothing, nothing is worse).

I have been to Vermont. If you want to fly out, commercial, you have no choice but Burlington International Airport (they do Canada too, eh?). You can get a little commuter plane in Rutland at the Southern Vermont Regional Airport, but they’re death traps. Your best bet is to grab a car (hot wired or rental) and drive like hell for New Hampshire (brain bleach cheap) or New York. If you escape south of the border to Massachusetts as of July you can pick up some weed, like about 10 ounces.

Yeah, we’re talking Cheech and Chong size joints here and after you huff those up, go out and buy some more. Thinking about setting up a storefront next to Yankee Candle myself, think it would be a good match.

Oh, the Olympics. Yesterday was awful for me, I’m sick and I spent all day getting my Internet running again (Reboot? I’ve already rebooted like 16 times. “Click.” You hung up? Oh wait, it worked.). I prefer not to dwell in the past.

Let’s catch up. USA Women’s Hockey Team lost to Canada but that leaves them 2 – 1 in their bracket and was only to be expected (Canada, Hockey, eh?), they should advance. USA Men lost a shocker to Slovenia and are 0 – 1 (not to be confused, maybe a little, with Slovakia which defeated Russia who are also 0 – 1).

In Curling the USA Men are 1 – 1 and tied with Japan in 5th place. Only the top 4 after the Round Robin advance to the semi finals. Canada, as you might expect, is on top followed by Sweden, Italy, and Great Britain. Likewise the women are in 6th place at 1 – 1 with Japan unbeaten in 2 followed by Sweden, Great Britain, and China. There’s a little bit of sketchy tie breaking in those rankings but it’s early in the tournament.

Other than that the weather has been terrible with events inside the main stadium complex postponed because the streets were unnavigable due to the wind. All the women are complaining about being forced to compete in Slopestyle, NBC is said to have demanded it– there is only a single boarder, Jamie Andersen of the USA and the eventual winner, who was able to complete both runs. Half Pipe competition was similarly effected. Biathalon? Meh, you’re expected to be able to shoot in the wind. Emily Sweeny of Connecticut had a terrible luge crash (and an on camera interview after it which I thought a bad idea, she was sent from there to the hospital). Nice guys NBC.

It still ain’t good but it’s better than it was.

Mikaela Shiffrin is just as good as everyone thinks she is and won the Giant Slalom which isn’t even her race. Coming up today?


Network Time Events
USA 2:30-5 am Women’s hockey, OAR-Finland (LIVE)
NBCSN 2:40-5 am Men’s hockey, Norway-Sweden (LIVE)
NBCSN 5-7:10 am Women’s cross-country, 10km gold
USA 5-7:10 am Men’s curling, Canada-Norway
NBCSN 7:10-9:30 am Men’s hockey, Switzerland-Canada (LIVE)
NBCSN 9:30 am-noon Luge, relay gold; men’s speedskating, 10,000 gold
USA 7:10-9:30 am Men’s hockey, Czech Republic vs. South Korea (LIVE)
NBCSN Noon-2 pm Men’s biathlon, 20km gold
NBCSN 2-5 pm Men’s curling, U.S.-Italy
NBC 3-5 pm Women’s cross-country, 10km gold; men’s speedskating, 10,000-meter gold
NBCSN 7-11 pm Figure skating, men’s short program (LIVE)
NBC 8 pm-12:30 am Figure skating, men’s short program (LIVE); men’s skiing, super-G (LIVE); women’s snowboard cross gold (LIVE); men’s skeleton gold (LIVE); women’s freestyle skiing, aerials; women’s cross-country, 10km gold
NBCSN 11 pm-2:40 am Men’s curling, U.S.-Sweden; men’s cross-country, 15km gold (LIVE)
NBC 1:05-2 am Luge, relay gold; men’s biathlon, 20km gold