The XXIII Winter Olympics: Day 3

Ok, I decided to skip a day in the numbering because the upcoming events looks a day forward to tomorrow.

Becca and Matt Hamilton were drawing dead today. Last night’s loss to China didn’t quite make a trip to the semi-finals impossible, but the first victory by anyone else today sure did. As I write this they have one more match against the Finns, the only team below them in the standings, to play.

I’d like to talk about their style before it’s all over because to me it’s very instructive if not very successful, this year.

On most teams when the guy is throwing the gal stands at the other end and provides a target with her broom. After the guy lets go of the rock he pops right up and scoots down the ice so he can sweep. The gal stays firmly planted at the other end and claps in encouragement. The guy in fact does all the sweeping for the team. When she throws he provides the target and scoots down the ice to pick up her rock wherever.

Seem slightly sexist to you? Me too. It’s not that women can’t sweep, they do it all the time on the Women’s Teams, just that it’s a critically important job and there’s definitely this vibe of “I’ll do all the important bits myself Honey. Stand in the corner and look cute.”

Becca Hamilton is one of the 5 best sweepers in the world, male or female (she’s also a better shot than Matt). When the Hamiltons throw the one doing it concentrates on that and the other one is right there to sweep, no frantic scooting, no constant exercise, no distraction.

Today they had an excellent game against the Norwegians, 4 – 1 and tied with Russia, Switzerland, and Canada for first (there’s your medal round pool btw). They scored a 4 point steal in the 4th End and a 3 point steal in the 6th for a 10 – 3 lead and a concession. Their two wins were against teams that advanced. First Olympics jitters I guess. I hope they’re back next time because I really want to see their egalitarian style of play become the norm.

And they’re funny too.

In other news the Unified Korea Women’s Hockey Team lost to Switzerland 8 – 0. North Korea has more than 200 Cheerleaders attending the events and everyone wants a selfie with Kim Yo Jong.

Mike Pence is a lonely, ignored, and forgotten man.


Network Time Events
NBCSN 2:40-5 am Women’s hockey, U.S.-Finland (LIVE)
NBCSN 5-9 am Men’s biathlon, 10km sprint gold (LIVE); men’s speedskating, 5,000 gold; men’s cross-country, skiathlon gold
USA 7-9:30 am Women’s hockey, Canada-OAR (LIVE)
NBCSN 1:30-5:30 pm Mixed doubles curling, tiebreaker; men’s luge, singles gold
NBC 3-6 pm Men’s speedskating, 5,000-meter gold; men’s biathlon, 10km sprint gold; men’s cross-country, skiathlon gold
NBCSN 5:30-8 pm Men’s biathlon, 10km sprint gold
NBC 7-11 pm Figure skating, team event, men’s, women’s, dance free skates, gold (LIVE); women’s skiing, giant slalom (LIVE); women’s freestyle skiing, moguls gold; women’s snowboarding, slopestyle gold; men’s luge, singles gold
NBCSN 8-11:30 pm Women’s snowboarding, slopestyle gold (LIVE); mixed doubles curling, semifinal
NBC 11:35 pm-1 am Women’s skiing, giant slalom gold (LIVE); women’s snowboarding, halfpipe (LIVE)
NBCSN 11:30 pm-2:40 am Men’s speedskating, 5,000 gold