Under Oath

Look, you never lie to the FBI. If you’re Archie Goodwin crafty you tell them the truth in a misleading way (The Doorbell Rang).

Donald John Trump is no Archie Goodwin.

Other than that you shut up. As in Fifth Amendment shut up. Bill Clinton (who is no Donald John Trump) thought he could get away with it with a parsing of what “is” is (and frankly I agree with him, however much I despise his position on other issues) and you can see how that ended.

FBI Agents are never your friends, they are trained talented liars. Just like Actors only they have badges and guns and can send you to prison for the rest of your life.

Even Ty Cobb (Trump’s lead attorney and relative of that racist Baseball Player) may just be a middling country lawyer (I personally know at least 4 lawyers smarter than he is and I haven’t had much occasion to use any of them but it’s not non-existent) and even he’s starting to walk back The Donald’s braggadocio.

The only question is whether Trump is sooo egotistical he thinks he can win against the House.

The man bankrupted Casinos. Prognosis is not good.

Doesn’t matter much anyway. Mueller is already peeling Bannon like a grape and Junior and Jared will crack like eggs. Obstruction is self admitted ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Money Laundering is in the Deutsche Bank records and other public documents already gathered.

Really the remainder of the investigation is all counter-intelligence.

The problem is that the corrupt Republican Party seems determined to protect him from impeachment. Otherwise Junior, Jered, Sessions, and maybe Pence (he’s in over his head, I’m just not sure about his liability) convicted and imprisoned.

Scheduling is tricky. You want Republicans committing themselves to a doomed defense in the Spring. A steady drip, drip, drip of hearings in the Summer. Finally a crescendo of pleas, trials, and convictions in the Fall right before elections.