Could It Possibly Get Any Worse?


That wasn’t so bad? Try this.

So last Century you say? How about this one.

Ok, so that was kind of like, random. I just can’t tolerate 4 minutes of Will Ferrell shouting. But to answer my rhetorical question in the title-

Yes, yes it can.

As Atrios says, never forget W is a horrible, horrible person who surrounded himself with many horrible people. He wanted to gut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He gave hundreds of Billions of dollars to the wealthiest .01% in Tax Cuts. He ignored National Security until about 3000 people died in a terror attack. He involved us in 2 failed Wars (that not for nothing were also War Crimes of the type we used to hang Nazis and Japanese for). He tortured people. He trashed your Constitutional protections and instituted a permanent surveillance State that exceeds the Stasi’s and Joseph Stalin’s wildest dreams…

Oh, and he trashed the economy too.

Worst ever? Who has two thumbs?

Donald John Trump is at least an ineffectual clown. Things could be much worse.