Blaming Samsung!

About those missing texts-

Where are the 50,000 important text messages between FBI lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok? Blaming Samsung!

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 24, 2018

Well first of all, 50,000 texts is a thumb exercise regime, not a relationship. Newsweek reports

Trump wrote in his tweet early Wednesday that there are 50,000 missing messages between the two officials. According to the DOJ, however, the 50,000 figure represents the total number of messages the FBI has that were exchanged by the two officials.

Second, this supposedly Rose Mary Woods-style “glitch” actually wasn’t all that uncommon.

Thousands of FBI phones hit by glitch resulting in loss of texts: report
By Morgan Chalfant, The Hill

Thousands of mobile phones used by the FBI were impacted by a glitch that resulted in the loss of text exchanges between bureau employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

The bureau recently told the inspector general that the messages were not preserved as a result of misconfiguration issues related to software upgrades of FBI-provided Samsung 5 mobile phones that conflicted with the bureau’s archiving efforts.

Fox News, citing anonymous law enforcement officials, is now reporting that the glitch affected close to 10 percent of cellphones used by bureau employees.

The FBI has a workforce of more than 35,000 agents, analysts and other employees.

So there you have it. Ten percent of 35,000 is 3500.

I’ll also note just for giggles that the original sourcing is Fox News, hardly a bastion of Liberal “Deep State” apologia.