You’re Fired!

It’s a Friday News Dump Day, what did you expect? Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price is pushed off the sinking ship, supposedly because of his $1 Million private jet tab (to be fair he offered to pay for $50,000 out of his own pocket) but in fact because of the failure to deliver Trumpcare.

Zinke (Interior Secretary) might be next, he thinks he’s “above the law”-

But he hasn’t failed as spectacularly.

The truth is that a bunch of Cabinet officials have abused their expense accounts (Cone of Silence) and what’s interesting to me is their motivation. Most of them are career politicians who, while handsomely compensated compared to the average citizen, are not as wealthy as the super-rich like Betsy DeVos who owns her own jet. Jealous, they seek to compensate.

Inequality- not just for the 99%.