Modern Times

I am an Anarcho-Syndicalist, someone who believes in Government by the Populace (democracy) with power devolved to the smallest granularity capable of exercising it except in the case of individual rights which are universal and must be strictly enforced.

I have little sympathy for organized Capital or the wealthy.

I am a registered member of the Democratic Party and mostly vote for them tactically so I can advance my political agenda. Some people mistake that for compliance.

Everything is political, certainly most of my pieces. I write for myself, blogging is cheap. I’m not beholden to either advertising or donations and I nag my readers for neither though I’m open to them. Want to pitch your hemp cloth tea towels to my several dozens of readers? Let’s talk.

Likewise we’re open to new voices, the reason you see the reliables is because they’re… reliable (except for me). Nothing has changed except the platform (to WordPress from SoapBlox in October 2015 and I still hate it). The Editorial Policies are exactly the same as they were in September of 2007.

Speaking of… 10 years. I suppose I should do something to mark it. Still, when that’s a mere 12th of your life it doesn’t seem that big a deal though it’s longer by far than most. Frankly it’s lower on my priority list than my 27 part History of the Great War (starting in 1337, that’s why it takes 27 parts) or my autobiography which is tentatively titled- Life on the Mississippi.

Yes, I know it’s been done. Fortunately in the Public Domain now though even if it weren’t I’d have a fair use case because I don’t talk about my experiences as a Mississippi River Pilot since I’ve never done that.