Answers In Genesis!

So Bill Nye the Science Guy visits the Ark Encounter on Day 2 after its opening. This is the video from Answers in Genesis, not Bill Nye, so you might feel a bit squeamish about adding to the 200K+ views.

On the other hand you could be grateful I saved you $42.

I predict this $100 Million boondoggle has the same shelf life as AutoWorld which I actually visited 3 times before it was torn down in 1997.

Be careful. It’s foggy outside.

That line comes from my favorite attraction, a Pong level “simulator” of drunk driving which allowed you to select how much you were going to drink then put you behind the free spinning wheel and disconnected accelerator and brake of an 8 bit (state of the art!) video car. Even choosing 0 didn’t help much.

This is why I recommend keeping a full pitcher of Margaritas handy while you watch.