Why Feinstein Needs a Primary

And a swift kick to the curb.

Feinstein surprises SF crowd by expressing hope for Trump
By John Wildermuth, SFGate
Wednesday, August 30, 2017

(N)ear the end of the political lovefest, the senator shocked the crowd when she declined to say that Trump should be impeached, and warned the audience that they should expect to deal with the developer-turned politician for all four years of his term.

“The question is whether he can learn and change,” Feinstein told the crowd at the Commonwealth Club event. “If so, I believe he can be a good president.”

That sort of talk is never heard in Democratic circles, where California Congress members already are talking about what they see as the need to impeach Trump or remove him from office via the 25th Amendment.

The crowd reacted with stunned silence, broken only with scattered “No’s” and a few hisses and some nervous laughter.

But Feinstein didn’t back away, reacting to a question about why Democrats aren’t being more out front in attacking Trump by reminding people that not only is Trump president, but he’s also only been in office for eight months.

“We’ll have to see if he can forget himself enough and have the type of empathy and direction the country needs,” she said.

If he doesn’t, she added, “there are things that can be done.”

Feinstein, who is 84 years old, hedged on whether she would seek another 6 year term.

This is, of course, in addition to the fact she’s a reliable shill for the Intellegence/Military Industial Complex, a position in no way related to her corrupt relationship with her husband Richard C. Blum.