The Breakfast Club (Be Kind)

Welcome to The Breakfast Club! We’re a disorganized group of rebel lefties who hang out and chat if and when we’re not too hungover we’ve been bailed out we’re not too exhausted from last night’s (CENSORED) the caffeine kicks in. Join us every weekday morning at 9am (ET) and weekend morning at 10:30am (ET) to talk about current news and our boring lives and to make fun of LaEscapee! If we are ever running late, it’s PhilJD’s fault.

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This Day in History

The Titanic sinks off the coast of Newfoundland; President Abraham Lincoln dies; Jackie Robinson becomes first African American player in Major League Baseball; US launches air raid against Libya; Cambodian Communist revolutionary Pol Pot dies; Punk rocker Joey Ramone dies at age 49.

Breakfast Tunes

Something to Think about over Coffee Prozac

Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.

Henry James

Breakfast News

Latest: Arkansas judge blocks state from using lethal drug

Falling US retail sales cast doubt on further Fed interest rate rise

US sends dozens of troops to Somalia, 1st time in decades

US eyes more border prosecutions in shift for California

Delta OKs offers of up to $9,950 to flyers who give up seats

Key US senator pushes back against Trump’s proposed aid cuts

Qatari royal family members used as leverage in Syrian population swap

French prosecutors seek to lift Le Pen immunity over expenses inquiry

Fears, scars of extremism loom over French presidential vote

Widow of Italian right-to-die protagonist turns herself in

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