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The DNC Debate Proved the Democratic Party is a Lost Cause | #DNCdebate

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Published on Jan 20, 2017
The Huffington Post’s DNC Chair debate wasn’t too eventful—none of the candidates argued, and there was no vigorous disagreements about anything—but nonetheless, it was still a disheartening event. All of the candidates, including Keith Ellison, demonstrated that they’re completely out of touch with average voters, and none of them are offering comprehensive change. In this segment, Mike provides you with a rundown of the overall debate, and he explains why he came away “overwhelmingly disappointed” with all of the candidates, and ultimately felt as though Keith Ellison was wavering on his core progressive principles.

Perez Tweeted About Throwing Chairs After the Debate:

Deleted Tom Perez Tweet

DNC Debate Summary: Dems engage in friendly debate for DNC chair-BY BEN KAMISAR AND JONATHAN EASLEY, THE HILL

Democrats seeking to take over as the next Democratic National Committee chairman offered little disagreement over how to rebuild the party Wednesday, coalescing around the need to hold President-elect Donald Trump’s feet to the fire over the next four years.

There were no explosive moments at Wednesday night’s debate at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., sponsored by The Huffington Post.

Instead there was widespread agreement about the path forward — a return to a 50-state strategy, a messaging improvement, a retooled primary process and opposition to Trump — along with praise for the other candidates on stage. …

Full DNC Chair Debate

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