The Best Case For The Recount

It would seem that the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2 million votes and counting and the recount of votes in Wisconsin has gotten under the aging orange thin skin of the bad tempered liar-elect. Over the weekend after gorging himself on dishes named after himself at his resort in Florida, he took to Twitter spewing another litany of lies that began with this:

First, he only won the EC with 302 votes, only 32 votes more than he needed. Considering President Barack Obama won with 365 and 332 in 2008 and 2012, 302 is hardly a “landslide.” And, btw, the EC hasn’t voted yet.

On the prevaricator-elect’s claim that millions of people voted illegally, where is the evidence? Since he only reads web cites that promote conspiracy theories, this lie most likely came from Alex Jones’ InfoWars (No link. You all know how to find it.)

What set off this latest tirade was Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein’s fund raising for recounts in three states where the bad comb-over yapping yam won by narrow margins and questions about voting machine and count integrity. As of today, the fund has raised $6.3 million of the $7 million goal. Wisconsin has agreed to the recount and the paperwork has been filed in Pennsylvania. The Michigan request must be filed by Wednesday.

Many think that this is a futile waste of time that won’t change the outcome and just a ploy for Dr. Stein to garner attention. Maybe. Others believe that, no matter the outcome of these recounts, it is more important that the American people be assured of the integrity of our voting system. The angry orange buffoon has inadvertently made the best argument for a recount wherever there is a question. Maybe someone on his staff should take that unsecured phone away from him before it gets hacked.


  1. As there has been shown in WI several discrepancies in totals that all benefit Trump. I for one advocate for a veto of this vote session and as a Veteran and American for a new election. The party that has been caught as the beneficiary of these so called discrepancies should have to fool the full cost of the new election. That would be the GOP which answered well to Trump’s numerous dog whistling of a rigged election. They have been caught padding the numbers and having Russia help them to boot. They should have to pay.

    1. A lot to unpack.

      First, thank you for listening. Second, I am not TMC.

      Republicans are always the beneficiaries of “voter discrepancies”. Not that Democrats haven’t in the past but it’s hard to demonstrate past 1960. I personally don’t buy into the “Russia” stuff but that’s because I don’t accept anything the M/IIMC (Military/Intelligence Industrial Media Complex) says without proof since they’re such proven, consistent liars.

      I’ll not debate that now, though you’re entitled to your own opinion and I suspect TMC’s is different from mine.

      It is customary and proper that the contesting party (note the small ‘p’) pay fees and expenses. Republicans, content with the result, have no incentive to pursue it further. I think it an indicator of the failure of the Institutional Democratic Party that they did not do this themselves and instead delegated the burden to the Greens.

      I thank you for your service to the country and I hope you and your family will not personally suffer any ill consequences during the coming years.

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