2016 Junior League Division Series: Game 2, Blue Jays @ Rangers

Well, not only did they lose at home, but it was a 10 – 1 thumping. Rangers’ (95 – 68) ace Cole Hamel who on paper and previous history looked nigh unbeatable got shocked for 6 Earned Runs before he left the game in the 4th Inning. After that it was just going through the motions.

Yesterday’s Game

Top 3rd- 1 Out Walk. Wild Pitch, Runner to 2nd 2 Out. RBI Double, Blue Jays 1 – 0. Infield Single, Runners at Corners. RBI Single, 1st and 2nd, Blue Jays 2 – 0. Walk, Bases Loaded. 3 RBI Triple, Blue Jays 5 – 0.

Top 4th- Leadoff Solo Shot, Blue Jays 6 – 0. Error, Runner at 1st. Passed Ball, Runner at 2nd. RBI Single, Blue Jays 7 – 0.

Top 9th- Leadoff Single. Single. 3 Run HR, Blue Jays 10 – 0.

Bottom 9th- Leadoff Triple. RBI Sacrifice, Blue Jays 10 – 1.

Blue Jays lead Series 1 – 0

Now normally I’d mutter something soothing to the Rangers fans about how it’s only one game and Home Field advantage isn’t such a big deal but not this time. The Blue Jays (90 – 73) embarrassed them and to (20-4, 3.18 ERA) in a mismatch they have their ace, J.A. Happ (L, 20 – 4, 3.18 ERA) facing Yu Darvish (R, 7-5, 3.41 ERA).

I have to say it’s entirely possible the Blue Jays. could go to Rogers Centre looking to close it out. It’s not impossible, last year they dropped 2 to the Rangers right off the bat.