Today In Trotskyism

Comarades! Important news in our struggle against the Capitalist Pigs of Imperialism and their Running Dogs in the Corporatist Media and Lackeys in the Institutional Political Class. Our Socialist Hero Corbyn has put forth his manifesto to bring about the Glorious Proletarian Revolution!

Corbyn sets out 10-point vision for Britain
by Peter Walker and Rowena Mason, The Guardian
Thursday 4 August 2016 09.33 EDT

Corbyn’s 10 pledges

  1. Full employment and an economy that works for all: based around a £500bn public investment via the planned national investment bank.
  2. A secure homes guarantee: building 1m new homes in five years, at least half of them council homes. Also rent controls and secure tenancies.
  3. Security at work: includes stronger employment rights, an end to zero hours contracts and mandatory collective bargaining for companies with 250 or more employees.
  4. Secure our NHS and social care: end health service privatisation and bring services into a “secure, publicly-provided NHS”.
  5. A national education service: includes universal public childcare, the “progressive restoration” of free education, and quality apprenticeships.
  6. Action to secure our environment: includes keeping to Paris climate agreement, and moving to a “low-carbon economy” and green industries, in part via national investment bank.
  7. Put the public back into our economy and services: includes renationalising railways and bringing private bus, leisure and sports facilities back into local government control.
  8. Cut income and wealth inequality: make a progressive tax system so highest earners are “fairly taxed”, shrink the gap between the highest and lowest paid.
  9. Action to secure an equal society: includes action to combat violence against women, as well as discrimination based on race, sexuality or disability, and defend the Human Rights Act.
  10. Peace and justice at the heart of foreign policy: aims to put conflict resolution and human rights “at the heart of foreign policy”.

In other news-

Asked why he did not want (Owen) Smith as leader, John McDonnell (Shadow Chancellor) said: “Owen is a great guy, I like him a lot. He is one of the most ambitious career politicians I have met. I think we have moved on from that style of politics. The style of politics people want and that attracts them to Jeremy Corbyn is, ‘what you see is what you get – principled, honest, straightforward’.”

Meanwhile, the decision to bar Labour members who joined after 12 January from voting in the election is being challenged in the high court, in a crowdfunded case brought by some of the estimated 130,000 people who have been excluded.