Junkyard Cesspool Wars 2016: Day 1 Morning

(In British- Scrapheap Poo Pit Challenge)

Keep in mind that the Games have been going on for 2 days in some of the longer format sports. This is just 12 hours of channel surfing, there’s an evening line up to come.

All times ET.

Time Network Event(s)
11:30 pm NBC Opening Ceremony (Replay)
8 am NBC Daytime, Part 1 Rowing, Cycling (Men’s Road Race), Water Polo
9 am NBCSN, Part 1 Beach Volleyball, Shooting, Volleyball (Women’s Prelim: JPN vs. KOR)
9 am Telemundo, Part 1 Opening Ceremonies Recap
9:30 am Bravo, Part 1 Tennis
10:30 am NBC Daytime, Part 2 Cycling (Men’s Road Race), Swimming
11 am Telemundo, Part 2 Boxing, Volleyball, Swimming, Beach Volleyball
noon NBCSN, Part 2 Rugby
noon MSNBC, Part 1 Beach Volleyball, Handball
12:30 pm Bravo, Part 2 Tennis
1 pm NBCSN, Part 3 Basketball (Men’s Prelim: AUS vs. FRA), Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis
1:30 pm Telemundo, Part 3 Volleyball (Women’s Preliminaries): BRA vs. CMR, USA vs. PUR
2 pm MSNBC, Part 2 Archery, Table Tennis
2:30 pm NBC Daytime, Part 3 Rowing, Beach Volleyball
3 pm USA, Part 1 Equestrian
3:30 pm Bravo, Part 3 Tennis
3:30 pm NBCSN, Part 4 Soccer (Women’s Preliminary): USA vs. FRA
3:30 pm USA, Part 2 Field Hockey (Women’s Preliminary): USA vs. ARG
4 pm NBC Daytime, Part 4 Volleyball (Women’s Preliminary): USA vs. PUR
5 pm CNBC Soccer (Women’s Prelim: GER vs. AUS), Rugby, Fencing
5:30 pm USA, Part 3 Basketball (Women’s Preliminary): BRA vs. AUS
5:30 pm Bravo, Part 4 Tennis
6 pm NBCSN, Part 5 Basketball (Men’s Preliminary): CHN vs. USA
6:30 pm USA, Part 4 Water Polo (Men’s Preliminary): FRA vs. MNE