2016 Primaries & Caucuses + Democrats Debate

It’s the silly season and there is no escape since it the stupidity and schoolyard banality of the GOP candidates has infected the air. Today there is the Democratic caucus in Maine and Republicans hold a primary in Puerto Rico. Apparently there is a very large turn out in Maine where there are 30 delegates at stake. The caucus results will be announced at 8 PM ET.

The turn out in Puerto Rico is expected to be much lower then in previous years due to the economic crisis faced by the island. Because of a lack of funds, there was drastic cut in the number of polling places and there has been a large surge in immigration to the mainland. The largest voting block on the island are prisoners who cast their ballots on Friday. The polls in Puerto Rico are going to be open from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern time. Marco Rubio is expected to win, with Donald Trump coming in second place and Ted Cruz coming in third.

Charles Pierce did some weekend posting about yesterday’s elections with a dire warning about Ted Cruz and an “honorable” mention of my home town.

This is something that He, Trump said on Saturday night. I mention it because I think it marks a severe downturn in He, Trump’s campaign. He prospered as a vulgar talking yam. Then, he became the most boring person on earth—the endless bore in the clubhouse bar who talks you through his entire round. [..]

In truth, he might just have been a little unnerved. Suddenly, it is obvious that the only real competition he has is Tailgunner Ted Cruz, and that puts He, Trump, a charlatan who only recently became a kind of monster, in a head-to-head brawl with someone who has been raised since birth to be one. Trump is an opportunist who saw a chance and half-ran, half-stumbled toward it. Cruz is someone who’s had his eyes on the prize since before Princeton and Harvard Law loosed him upon the world. Trump is a man of grandiose, hopelessly vague promises. Cruz is dead-serious about hauling the country into retrograde theocracy and Gilded Age economics. Trump places his faith in Two Corinthians, which I believe is a pizza and sandwich joint on Staten Island. Cruz considers himself to be both a vehicle for political extremism and the instrument of the living God. You decide which frightens you more.

That’s quite a lot to ponder and I’ll let you know if some entrepreneur opens a pizza ans sandwich shop called “Two Corinthians.”

The high point of the political day will be the debate tonight in Flint, Michigan between Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The toxic water crisis in that city will no doubt be the main topic of the debate. Coverage is on CNN and the debate starts at 8 PM ET.

I’ll be watching the final episode of “Downton Abbey” on PBS at 9 PM ET.


    • TMC on March 6, 2016 at 16:26

    CNN has projected Marco Rubio the winner of the Puerto Rico primary with over 73% of the vote, He wins all 23 delegates. This may give him the boost he needs to sin win his home state, Florida.

    • TMC on March 6, 2016 at 20:33

    The Associated Press is projecting Bernie Sanders the winner of the Maine Democratic Caucus with approx. 64% of the votes. The official announcement will come from the Maine Democratic Party sometime after 9 PM ET.

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